How does it work?

OptimusTradeBot, performs trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; When you automate your robot with us, you are simultaneously entering and participating in our trading strategies.

Advanced Notifications and Reports

OptimustradeBot, is integrated with our software, which connects directly with Telegram, to give reports and gains of all our movements in Global Markets.


OptimusTradeBot has been trading in various markets since 2015. Bull or Bear markets are dominated by OptimusTradeBot. We are not a pyramid system, which depends on third-party entries to be a sustainable and prosperous business.

How does OptimusTradeBot work?

OTB handles exclusively Ethereum for all its internal transactions.

  • Minimum to amount to activate bot 0.05 Ethereum (may vary according to the current ETH market value).
  • OTB pays 0.6% per day on purchase amounts.
  • Referral payments “of the amount” invested at 3 levels: 1st level 7%, 2nd level 2%, 3rd Level 1% (for each purchase).
  • Duration of the service 60 days.

Example: Daily return of 0.6%, if you purchase the equivalent to 1 Ethereum, OTB will be paying you only the profit of that daily purchase. On the 60th day at the end of the day of your purchase, OTB will give you your last payment of 1 Ethereum, mixed with your 0.6%. Your total return will be 0.36 ETH + the 1 ETH you used = 1.36 ETH.

Note: because we are not a pyramid scheme and our software makes real trading, under the administration of our traders, we have to keep in mind that some operations last days and even weeks, however, OTB executes a large number of microtransactions and/or Scalping, to feed the daily 0.6% of our users.

  • You can purchase whenever you want.
  • Although we do not have maximums to purchase, we recommend not purchasing more than 500 Ethereum. If you wish to purchase more than 500 Ethereum, please contact support and they will assign you a personal trader for your account.
  • Each withdrawal can take from 24 to 48 hours, because, if we practice real trading, making payments instantaneously would be close to impossible (allow us some time to close current operations).


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